Culture and leisure

Zelenograd, despite of the youth, has the generated cultural traditions. The developed network of establishments of culture is engaged in the organization of townspeoples leisure: the Palace of culture "Zelenograd", schools of arts, a network of libraries, showrooms, the state and municipal clubs and establishments of club type by the work with youth and teenagers.

First city professional "Vedogon-theatre" operates, reconstruction of its premise soon comes to an end.
The city is inexhaustible by talents. Many creative collectives are winners of various international and Russian festivals and competitions.
In Zelenograd under the patronage of the prefect A.N.Smirnov numerous competitions, festivals, concerts are spent, the interior of classical music is organized within the limits of the International musical interior "Stars of Russia and the countries of the Europe" and manage by the deserved actress of Russia supervises, the inhabitant of Zelenograd Marina Tarasova is opened.
The idea of creation of interior belongs to the talented musician, the candidate of art criticism sciences Alexander Polejaev and known violoncellist, the deserved actress of Russia Marina Tarasova.
2003 became anniversary for interior: all creative season passed in an atmosphere of the 10 anniversary of creative activity. For this time on a visit at townspeople the most known, bright collectives of Moscow, Russia and the Europe have visited. Concerts invariable pass at the highest professional level and always collect full halls. Concerts of interior passed first time in a small hall of the council Panfilovskiy area, but soon it has ceased to contain all fans of classical music.

To interior the hall in the Palace of creativity of children and youth has been given to (8 micro district, Columbus's square,1). Concerts pass once in a quarter under patronage of the prefect of Zel AD, at support of The Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation.