The 3rd of March, 1958 is considered to be the birthday of Zelenograd. On this day the Council of Ministers of the USSR adopted the resolution on building city satellite of Moscow in the region of the station Krukovo belonged to the Oktyabrskaya railway. The station Krukovo is a historical place. During The Great Patriotic War our forces launched counter-offensive here to put an end to fascist Germany.

New city construction started in 1960. In 1962 The Electronic Industry Minister of the USSR A.I.Shokin transferred the city under authority of The State Committee on Electronic Engineering for establishing the complex microelectronics centre. On January 15th, 1963 The Executive Committee of Moscow decided to name the new city Zelenograd.

Today Zelenograd is an independent city with the population of 208,000.  The city is subordinated to Moscow (Zelenograd administrative district of Moscow).

In record-breaking time the powerful scientific and production basis for electronic industry was created in Zelenograd, scientific-research institutes, factories and educational institutions were put into operation. From the moment of first enterprises start-up Zelenograd won the leading place in the Soviet electronic industry and remains the leader in this branch in spite of last years difficulties. During the 90th economic and political crisis Moscow and Zelenograd managed to stop processes of management and economy disorder. The governments of Russia and Moscow took measures aimed at electronic industry preservation and support.

Zelenograd was created as a city of the future. And today its potential is huge: manufacturing industry is developing, managers think in a modern way, significant intellectual resources are accumulated here. It gives the confidence in the worthy future of our city.