In July 1992 Zelenograd was admitted as a member of International Association of twin-cities and established friendly relations with Tulsa (Oklahoma, the USA).

By now some socially oriented joint projects in education, culture and public health services have been realized successfully.

One of the high-profile projects is opening of International Business Education Institute in Zelenograd.

Our citizens took part in «The world of children» international exhibition of children's creativity in Tulsa.

Zelenograd is the centrу of Russian microelectronics. On its territory small high technology business develops successfully. The first and largest technopark in Russia was constructed here. Statistically Zelenograd has the largest percentage of degree professionals in Europe (44 % of the total number). The new ideas and a lot of Moscow standards were born and embodied in Zelenograd.
Due to its good geographical position (near Munich, the capital of Bavaria federal ground), environmental concerns and transport opportunities Unterschleissheim has concentrated branches of such well-known companies as Microsoft, Adobe, BMW, DaimlerChrysler Aerospace, Baxter and others. Unterschleissheim turns to a large hi-tech centre quickly and is to come out on Bavaria’s top in some years.