About the conference


Transforming governments is both a challenge and an opportunity. Technology is increasingly becoming an integral part of transformation efforts in the public sector. While technology alone cannot achieve transformation, increasingly, transformation cannot be achieved without technology. Given this reality,  governments are trying to find solutions for going about transformation in systematic, orderly, efficient  and cost effective ways. Enterprise Architecture (EA) can become a useful tool for achieving these goals. More and more governments are relying on EA to guide their transformation efforts. Canada has emerged as a successful example of this approach, with its early adoption of the 'Business Transformation Enablement Program'. Many other countries have embraced the concept of EA, and their experience presents valuable lessons for developing countries.  EA is no longer an esoteric technical discipline, something that is difficult to grasp, more difficult to design and even more difficult to implement. The proposed session will try to demonstrate in a nontechnical way how EA is a useful if not an essential tool for transforming governments. The session will attempt to answer the following illustrative questions:

  • What is EA and what is the value of EA?
  • How can governments use EA to guide decisions on transformation?
  • Can EA help agencies to achieve greater impact and better value for money?
  • How does one go about designing and implementing EA?
  • What are the best practices and approaches to EA?
  • How is EA evolving, and what are some of the latest ideas and trends?
  • How should Task Team Leaders integrate EA while designing Transformative interventions in the public sector?
  • How can developing countries benefit from the experience of leading governments in using EA for achieving transformation?


Who Should Attend

  • Have you ever been responsible for a significant investment and asked  yourself how it fits with everything else?
  • Have you ever been tasked with achieving an outcome and asked yourself what is the best way to achieve it?
  • Do you suspect that your investments in people, process and technology are not optimal?

If so, then you are not alone and there is an answer. No, we will not solve your problems overnight but with a new look at Enterprise Architecture, you will understand the value of incrementally becoming more aligned project by project,  year after year and you will immediately begin to save money, increase results and you will start getting answers to these questions.  If you are responsible for Budgets, Outcomes, People, Process, Security, Privacy, Information, or Technology, then you should attend.