About the Speaker

Bio-data of Dr. Peter Knight

Peter Knight (M.A., Ph.D. Stanford University) is a coordinator of the e-Brasil Project (www.e-brasil.org.br), President of Telematica e Desenvolvimento Ltda.(www.tedbr.com), and partner of Telematics for Education and Development (www.knight-moore.com).

Before joining the private sector, he led the World Bank’s Electronic Media Center (1994-1997), and before that was Chief of the National Economic Management Division in the Bank's Economic Development Institute (EDI) and Lead Economist for Brazil.

Dr. Knight’s World Bank career spanned over 20 years, with more than eight devoted exclusively to work on Brazil.

Earlier he held positions at Cornell University, the Ford Foundation, the Brookings Institution and the Centro de Treinamento para o Desenvolvimento Economico (CENDEC).

He received his Ph.D. and M.A. degrees in Economics from Stanford University and holds degrees in Government from Dartmouth College (US) and Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Oxford University (UK).

Dr. Knight has published over a hundred books, monographs, chapters, and articles in various languages: his latest books are (co-edited and co-authored) e-gov.br – a próxima revolução brasileira (São Paulo: Financial Times Prentice Hall/Pearson Education do Brasil, 2004); Rumo ao e-Brasil (Rio de Janeiro: Garamond, 2006), (co-co-edited and co-authored) e-Brasil – Um programa para acelerar o desenvolvimento socioeconomico aproveitando a convergencia digital (São Caetano do Sul, SP: Yendis, 2006) and e-Desenvolvimento no Brasil e no mundo: subsidios e Programa e-Brasil (São Caetano do Sul, SP: Yendis, 2007). He is a member of the Board of the Journal of E-Government and speaks French, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish in addition to his native English.