In July 1992 Zelenograd was admitted as a member of International Association of twin-cities and established friendly relations with Tulsa (Oklahoma, the USA).

By now some socially oriented joint projects in education, culture and public health services have been realized successfully.

One of the high-profile projects is opening of International Business Education Institute in Zelenograd.

Our citizens took part in «The world of children» international exhibition of children's creativity in Tulsa.

The contacts between educational institutions of our cities during these 13 years have been successfull. Especially close partnership connects Zelenograd school № 1150 and Booker T. Washington High School in Tulsa.
The higher and secondary educational institutions of Zelenograd and Tulsa exchange pupils and teachers as well as courseware actively. It promotes mutual understanding development and growth of professional skills.

At the end of October, 2005 the summit of twin-cities was organized in Tulsa. 9 countries representatives (Germany, France, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Taiwan, Russia and the USA) took part in the congress. Zelenograd delegation was represented by the head of social development administration M.Tishinyova, director of Moscow chamber of commerce and industry’s Zelenograd branch A.Novikov, English teacher of school №1150 E.Balyasnikova, the press photographer of «41» newspaper A. Evseev and was headed by Zelenograd deputy prefect A.Nemeryuk.

«I am very glad, that our cities, Tulsa and Zelenograd, are friends since July 1992», told Tulsa mayor Bill Liafortune at the opening ceremony of the friendship treaty signing. «These friendly relations are accompanied by numerous visits of both parties which promote cooperation, changes in the field of education and culture that are especially valuable to our countries».

«In particular, I’m pleased to mention that visits of school № 1150 pupils to Booker T. Washington High School were very useful. I welcome and support the further cooperation between Tulsa University and International Business Education Institute».

«Though our two cities are unique, we have much in common», the mayor continued. «In spite of the fact that Zelenograd is the district of ancient Russian capital, it is the young city with rich nature. It is the centre of Russian high technologies that are the important part of Russian military and space programs development. Your citizens are proud of the historical role their city played in Moscow defense of 1941. Tulsa is a young city in the centre of «green country». Our land is filled with ancient culture of native American population. Earlier it was well-known as the oil capital. As well as your citizens we are proud of our contribution to the space program - 7 American astronauts were born in Oklahoma. We are going to fix friendly communications between Zelenograd and Tulsa. Delegations exchanges let us learn more about each other and promote mutual understanding. We do the world better for our children. I wish you, your families and your city prosperity and happiness».

On October 28th, 2005 the formal treaty of cooperation between Booker T. Washington (Tulsa) and № 1150 (Zelenograd) schools under «The world without borders» program was signed. According to the document, pupils and teachers exchanges between two schools are to be organized every year. It will promote closer cooperation. The treaty was signed by schools directors Natalia Nikolaevna Fedotova and Debiy Boils. The English variant of the document was signed in Tulsa by English teacher E.Balyasnikova.