Unterschleissheim-Zelenograd economic partnership
Zelenograd is the centrу of Russian microelectronics. On its territory small high technology business develops successfully. The first and largest technopark in Russia was constructed here. Statistically Zelenograd has the largest percentage of degree professionals in Europe (44 % of the total number). The new ideas and a lot of Moscow standards were born and embodied in Zelenograd.
Due to its good geographical position (near Munich, the capital of Bavaria federal ground), environmental concerns and transport opportunities Unterschleissheim has concentrated branches of such well-known companies as Microsoft, Adobe, BMW, DaimlerChrysler Aerospace, Baxter and others. Unterschleissheim turns to a large hi-tech centre quickly and is to come out on Bavaria’s top in some years.
So it is no coincidence in Zelenograd and Unterschleissheim collaborating.
On September, 5-6th the Bavarian delegation visited Zelenograd. There were business meetings, press conferences and visits to enterprises (including the hi-tech ones) and technoparks of the district in the program.
During the round table (September, 5th) Bavarian visitors and Zelenograd enterprises directors were introduced by the heads of their cities. The presentations of both sides showed the main aspects of the cities development (economics, science, industry, information and culture, innovations).
The round table took place at the territory of “Technopark-Zelenograd”. The small enterprises of Technopark (“NT-MDT” JSC, “Medical computer systems” public company, SPC “Skat” JSC) presented their production to Bavarian visitors. Informative and vivid presentations of the high technology companies aroused much interest.
The heads of Zelenograd and Unterschleissheim took part in the press conference for media.
The second day of the Bavarian delegation visit was completely devoted to acquaintance with Zelenograd enterprises.
The German delegation was pleased with the visit and the welcome accorded. The chief burgomaster of Unterschleissheim Mr. Rolf Tsajtler expressed satisfaction on behalf of the delegation.
Concrete steps in long-lasting collaboration establishing were taken, the important agreements were achieved. The results of the visit are already evident. Under the twin-cities economic cooperation program the German partners have opened “Economic partnership Unterschleissheim-Zelenograd” Web-site that is devoted to the cities interaction.