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  • Siemens


    15.03.2007 | On March, 14 delegation of Siemens representatives and the first deputy of Moscow city Mayor Yury Roslyak visited Zelenograd. Among the participants of the visit were Siemens central board members Rudi Lamprecht and Klaus Vuherer and Siemens Russia president Dietrich Moeller. The receiving line consisted of the prefect of Zelenograd Administrative district of Moscow Anatoly Smirnov, MIET rector Yury Chaplygin and deputy head of Moscow territorial administration of the Federal Agency for Special Economic Zones Management Anatoly Kovalev.

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  • Residents


    06.03.2007 | Economic zone for technology innovation residents are considered those individual businessmen or commercial organizations (except unitary enterprises), which are registered on the territory of the municipal area and which concluded an agreement about conducting of technical-innovative activity with the SEZ administration. Today there are 2 registered residents of the special economic zone "Zelenograd" that will work on the territory of MIET area.

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  • Development plans

    Development plans

    28.02.2007 | At the session of the Moscow city government on February, 27 special economic zone "Zelenograd" sites development plans were approved. The main spokesman, the chief of the Moscow City Architecture Committee Alexander Kuzmin, explained the main differences of the two sites of the zone - Alabushebo and MIET.

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  • A session of board

    A session of board

    01.02.2007 | A session of Board of directors of Zelenograd electronic industry organizations chaired by the prefect of Zelenograd administrative district of Moscow Anatomy Smirnov was held on January, 31 in the prefecture. Due to the specific character of economy development in the town, a several decades ago a board of directors of Zelenograd companies that are engaged in the electronic industry was created. The sessions of the board are held twice a month, this time the agenda was devoted to the special economic zone "Zelenograd".

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  • World Robot Olympiad

    World Robot Olympiad

    18.12.2006 | The World Olympiad of robots "World Robot Olympiad" took place in China (Nanning) in which more than 500 children from 16 countries and more than 150 commands have taken part, including combined team from Zelenograd. Its structure included pupils Interschool option (laboratory) of a robotics. In spring 2006 robotics of Zelenograd won superiority of Russia on LEGO-robots and achieved the right to represent Russia on WRO-2006.

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  • дети и роботы

    дети и роботы

    08.12.2006 | В Китае (г. Наннинг) состоялась Всемирная олимпиада роботов «World Robot Olympiad», в которой приняла участие сборная команда Зеленограда. В ее состав вошли учащиеся Межшкольного факультатива (лаборатории) робототехники. Весной 2006 года зеленоградские робототехники выиграли первенство России по LEGO-роботам и добились права представлять Россию на WRO-2006.

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  • Regional exhibition

    Regional exhibition

    23.10.2006 | From October, 12 till October, 15th, 2006 the Regional exhibition "Innovation Messe Unterschleissheim" passed in Unterschleissheim on which under the invitation of First burgomaster Untershljajshajma Rolf Tsaitler Zelenograd has been presented, the twin-city of Unterschleissheim. The first burgomaster of Unterschleissheim, Mr. R. Tsaitler visited the stand of Zelenograd, noted successful development of partner attitudes between two cities.

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  • Advice on a science, technologies and formation

    Advice on a science, technologies and formation

    17.10.2006 | On October, 17th, 2006 the President of Russia Vladimir Putin lead in Zelenograd annual session of Advice on a science, technologies and formation headed by him. Zelenograd - earlier closed scientifically-industrial centre - is now Russian "Silicone valley" where the hi-tech enterprises are concentrated.

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  • Expansion of cooperation

    Expansion of cooperation

    15.09.2006 | The agreement on expansion of cooperation between Innovative community Unterschleissheim (ICU e. V.) and the Center of development of business ZelAd of Moscow prepares for signing. On conditions of the agreement Innovative community Unterschleissheim and the Center of development of business take upon themselves the organization of consulting bureaus: in Bavaria - Russian, in Zelenograd - German.

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  • Delegation of Unterschleissheim

    Delegation of Unterschleissheim

    01.09.2006 | On September, 1st the prefect of ZelAd Anatoly Smirnov met delegation of twin-city of Zelenograd Unterschleissheim (Bavaria, Germany) which was headed by 1-st burgomaster Rolf Tsaitler. Among visitors there was a member of board of directors of the company "Dynamis GmbH" Ralf Muller, the representative of investment bank "Volksbank Ismaning eG" Thomas Tsaitler, the coordinator of the Russian-Bavarian attitudes Victor Gandga (technical university of Munich).

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  • Forum of information safety

    Forum of information safety

    05.08.2006 | On September, 9-20th, the 2-nd Eurasian forum of information safety "INFOFORUM - Kazakhstan" will pass in Republic Kazakhstan, Astana. Within the limits of a forum the conference "The International aspects of information safety" (plenary session, 4 round tables and session of VIP-club "INFOFORUM") will pass there.

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  • Consultations of the expert-adviser of German company

    Consultations of the expert-adviser of German company

    15.07.2006 | It is planned, that this August consultations of the expert-adviser from European Business Development Consult (Germany) Volodya GEORGIEV will start in Zelenograd centre of business development. Our colleague from Germany is supposed to work in Zelenograd for a month and a half.

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  • Czech delegation

    Czech delegation

    29.06.2006 | On June, 7 with working visit the Czech delegation visited Zelenograd. The purpose of the visit is to familiarize with plans of development of a special technical-inculcational economic zone "Zelenograd". The Czech Republic, being interested in the further development and diversification trade and economic relations between Russia and Czech, with interest observes process of formation in Russia the special economic zones which are called, besides other, to involve foreign investments. Business circles of Czechia recently show special interest to a special technical-inculcational economic zone "Zelenograd".

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  • German delegation

    German delegation

    15.06.2006 | On June, 14 within the limits of Days of Bavaria passing in Moscow the German delegation which was headed by Minister of Economics, infrastructures transport and technologies of Bavaria Ervin Huber visited Zelenograd. Among the visitors there was Rolf Tsajtler, 1-st burgomaster of Unterschleissheim, which is the twin-city of Zelenograd, and also the head of firm Dynamis Ralf Mjuller and other officials. The presentation of a special economic zone took place in prefecture of ZelAd Zelenograd.

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  • The mission of the consultants of the World Bank

    The mission of the consultants of the World Bank

    28.05.2006 | On May, 24 the mission of the consultants of the World Bank in face of Mr. Gevork Sarkisyan, the coordinator of the Russian program of the World Bank in infrastructure and power engineering, and the number of consultants visited The territorial administration of Federal agency on control of special economic zones. The basic purpose of the visit of mission consisted of estimating of the possibilities of integration SEZ into the economy of region and determining the measures, necessary for the assistance in the creation and the successful work SEZ in Zelenograd.

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