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  • A special technical-inculcational zone

    A special technical-inculcational zone

    07.03.2006 | In February the leader of federal agency on the management by the special economic areas Y. Jdanov visited MIET (rector is corresponding member of RAS Y. Chaplygin). During his tour he visited a variety of scientific laboratories and the exhibition of achievements of MIET, and also met with guidance of the Institute. The visit was bound up with the creation in Zelenograd a special technical-inculcational zone in which the innovative complex of MIET entered.

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  • The seminar of teachers

    The seminar of teachers

    17.02.2006 | From February, 11-th till February, 14-th the international exit seminar of teachers of English language from Russia and England, organized by the Department of education of Moscow together with the British Council has passed. The basic purpose of a seminar - an exchange of experience, an establishment of friendly contacts to schools of England, development of the long-term program of cooperation. From Zelenograd educational district in work of a seminar teachers of school №1150 have taken part.

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  • Statistics


    30.01.2006 | On prognoses data on the end of 2005 of all in Zelenograd administrative district is totaled 2570 small enterprises (SE) and 2760 individual businessmen. On industrial production and scientific and technical sphere there is 26 % from the general number of small enterprises of the district: 16 % of the enterprises work in industry, 10 % - in scientific and technical sphere. For comparison, according to Mosgorcomstat on the average in Moscow the share of scientific and technical and industrial small enterprises is 14 % (accordingly 4 % - scientific and technical and 10 % - industrial).

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  • Technical-introductional zone

    Technical-introductional zone

    10.01.2006 | At session of district board the question "About primary measures on creation of technical-inculcational zone" (TIZ) has been considered. With the basic lecture Alexander Telminov, the chief of department of science and industrial policy of the prefecture of ZelAD has made a speach.

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  • Premium of the Government

    Premium of the Government

    27.12.2005 | The group of muscovites and zelenogradtsev was awarded to the premium of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of a science and technics for development and introduction of the device "Кosmeya", enabling to do the operations on a working heart.

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  • Center of development of business

    Center of development of business

    25.12.2005 | According to the Address program of construction and reconstruction of uninhabited premises for subjects of small business in the Zelenograd administrative district of Moscow on 2004-2010 years there is begun construction of a building of the Center of development of business. 12 floor building with the total area of 7,24 thousand sq.m. will be to the address: Moscow, Zelenograd, Unosty str., near to the building № 01.

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  • Zelenograd VI traditional marathon

    Zelenograd VI traditional marathon

    23.12.2005 | In Zelenograd VI traditional marathon "Run and We" took place. It has been devoted to 64-th anniversary of the Moscow fight. 189 persons from 34 subjects of the Russian Federation, and also Belarus, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Estonia and Montenegro participated in run. 164 sportsmen (143 men and 21 women) went on a start of a classical distance - 42 km of 195 m. 147 runners (130 men and 17 women) have finished it. 25 runners have initially chosen one of shorter informal distances - from 7 up to 21 km. It is necessary to note the participation of 20 sportsmen from Zelenograd in run. Three from them ran a full marathon.

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  • International exhibition

    International exhibition "IENA"

    21.12.2005 | For the first time for 57-years history of carrying out of the international exhibition "IENA"which passed Nuremberg in Germany, the maximum award have been handed over to Russia. Grand prix the complex of the medical equipment is awarded: "Vacuum hardware complex "Kosmeya-M", autogemotransfuser "Agate", "Portable vacuum masseur", created in the Zelenograd SPC CB "Vzlet" ( H.Roizenblit) together with the Russian cardiological research-and-production complex and clinic of nervous illnesses of the Moscow medical academy n. Setchenov. This invention also is awarded to the gold medal of an exhibition "IENA" and Grand prix of the Union of inventors of Croatia.

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  • "Nykolskiy park"

    12.12.2005 | In Zelenograd the first payment comfortable boarding house was opened for the citizens of pensionable age. On the opening of boarding house "Nykolskiy park" numerous guests were: the mayor of Moscow Y.Luzhkov, his first deputies L.Shvetsova and Y.Roslyak, the prefect A.Smirnov, his deputies T.Zabelina, V.Kirukhin, the leader of Department of social defence the population of Moscow I.Syernikov, the deputies of MD and MMD S.Osadchiy and V.Ivanov, the head of council Мatushkino-Savelky V.Lastochkin, the general manager «Мossotsgarantiya» I.Balzamova, the director of boarding house of O.Aleksanyan and many other.

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