Graduate MIET conquered the highest mountain of Peru

Graduate MIET conquered the highest mountain of Peru

A graduate of the MIET Valery Rozov at the age of 52 years old made another spectacular flight from the summit of mount Huascaran in Peru to its foot. Champion in base jumping, the last year has broken his own world record, this time, jumped from a height of 6725 feet, which is 99.3% of the total height of Huascaran.

The ascent to the South summit of Huascaran is considered technically difficult and dangerous because of avalanches. The proximity of the mountains to the ocean, high humidity and low temperature at the top contribute to natural disasters.

A long and dangerous ascent Valery Rozov took five days. The journey took place mostly at night. The night air temperature is far below the ice layer freezes, which makes lifting more secure.

Valery Rozov is planning to jump from the highest peaks of each of the seven continents.