The sambo athlete from Zelenograd Natalia Myagkova became a world champion

Sambista from Zelenograd Natalia Myagkova became world champion

Natalia Myagkova the pupil of Zelenograd sambo won the gold medal of the world Championship in Sambo in Romania. She became the first in the weight category of 44 kg.

Youth world Sambo Championships was held in Romania in Ploiesti from 7 to 9 of October. 374 wrestlers from 30 States took part in the world championship: Russia, Kazakhstan, Romania, Israel, Germany, the Netherlands, Serbia, Canada, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Italy, Costa Rica and other countries.

"Each county put their best athletes, and each hopes to gog home with a medal," – said the press service of the Russian Sambo Federation And Natalia Myagkova succeeded in that.Natalia became  the first in the weight category of 44 kg among girls. Almaz Aizada athlete from Kazakhstan confronted her in the final.

Natalia Myagkova is a graduate of the sports school №114 "Record", which is located in Zelenograd. She  is one of the best Sambo wrestlers of Zelenograd school. She won the Moscow  Sambo-wrestling Championship among young men and girls of 1998-2000 years of birth in November last year. Natalia became the bronze prize-winner of Superiority of Russia on Sambo-wrestling in October of last year.

Natalia Myagkova won the Championship of Russia in February 2016. It  allowed Natalya to take part in the world championship.