Sports development is at a high level in Zelenograd

Sports development is at a high level in Zelenograd

4 sports schools and a branch of the Moscow physical culture-sports Association, engaged in sports training of children and adolescents in 22 kinds of sports work in Zelenograd at present. The results achieved by the pupils of the schools of Zelenograd are very high.

Children from the sports school of Olympic reserve No.  111 won gold and silver medals at the national Championships in Rugby and cross-country skiing.

Pupils of office "Football" and "athletics" sports school "Satellite" No. 112 took prize-winning places in the Championships of Moscow, 2-nd place at the all-Russian competition in rhythmic gymnastics.

Athletes (girls) of sports school No. 10 "Orbit", engaged in section of "ice Hockey" in the national team of Russia took 3rd place at the youth world championship. Athletic Department "Curling" won the silver medal on championship of Russia, and more.

The achievement of such results is impossible without modern part. Zelenograd provided with planar sports facilities better than the Moscow average degree. There is a professional venue such as a sports complex with a Rugby field or stadium "Angstrem" and many more venues for mass tennis, ice skating, hockey, mini-football, street workout and many other sports.

But the problematic issue remains on the agenda. Zelenograd together with Deparmental sport and tourism of Moscow for many years sought the construction of football fields with artificial turf and infrastructure to school No. 112 "Satellite". Its construction began in 2013 year near the house No. 919. Unfortunately, the timing was disrupted the timing of the fault of the contractor, the contract was cancelled. It is hoped that the coming year, the football field will be completed.

The Center for physical culture and sports, and 5 GBU in the areas of Zelenograd work successfully. Residents are actively involved in more than 50 sports. The center for physical culture and sport of Zelenograd is the basis for the holding of regular district competitions and games.

All-Russian ski race "Ski Track of Russia" was held in Zelenograd on February 11 with the possibility of implementation of the standards TRP.