The traditional international half-marathon passed in Zelenograd

The traditional international half-marathon passed in Zelenograd

According to the established rules, the participants of the competition overcame a distance of 21.1 km in three circles or 7 km in one circle. The general start, as always, was preceded by a non-competitive children's 500 m race.

But before that the sponsors made everyone happy by charity gift. Participants of the marathon collected an amount of 110 thousand rubles, a certificate for which was given to Nadezhda Tsyganova for treatment of her daughter Viktoria.

Cold did not scare away runners. Besides this, many of them even said that it was easier to run when it was cool than in the heat. Half-marathon gathered more than one and half thousand participants. Some of the elder children ran 500 metres on the children's run and left with their parents for a 7-kilometer distance.

Before the start of the main race, many sportsmen took part in the collective fitness workout.

The winners of the competition:

At a distance of 7 km:

Men: 1. Oleg Radchenko; 2. Rinat Latypov; 3. Alexey Bystrov.

Women: 1. Daria Chudaykina; 2. Alina Romashova; 3. Anna Dubrovina.

At a distance of 21.1 km:

Men: 1. Alexander Imenin; 2. Evgeny Pishchalov; 3. Leonid Isaev.

Women: 1. Maria Malysheva; 2. Tatyana Avdeeva; 3. Svetlana Buravova.

The prizes were presented by the deputy of prefect of ZelAO Oleg Panin and the director of the ZFKiS ZelAO Alexei Sysoev.