Apple bought the brand from Zelenograd company

Apple bought the brand from Zelenograd company

Zelenograd-based ISBC sold its AIRTAG trademark to Apple. This is reported by RBC with reference to a source familiar with the details of the transaction.

For more than five years, ISBC under the AIRTAG brand has been producing key rings with built-in RFID tags that were used in access control systems for offices, fitness centers, manufacturing, events, transport, etc. Zelenograd company will continue to produce its gadgets with RFID tags, however, now under the ISBC brand.

In late summer, there were reports that Apple plans to release a new device under the AirTag brand – an accessory for tracking the location of small items. The device will be a small RFID tag that can be attached to any item and tracked through the Locator application. If a thing is found by an outsider, he will be able to scan the tag with his iPhone and find out the contacts of the owner.

– Apple is an international company, it seriously assesses all the risks and before releasing a product with a similar name, it had to either buy the trademark rights from its copyright holder or enter into a license agreement on the use of the brand, – patent attorney, partner of Nevsky IP Law Kirill Mityagin explained, whose words are given in the material of RBC.

– We are confident that the future of the AIRTAG trademark that we invented and registered on the international scene will be bright and that the whole world will soon recognize and love the new product under this name, – the press release posted on the ISBC website says.