Humanoid robot Betsy performed in Zelenograd prefecture

Humanoid robot Betsy performed in Zelenograd prefecture

On December 25, specialists from the «Neurobotics» Zelenograd company organized a performance of the humanoid robot Betsy in the district prefecture. It sang New Year’s songs, congratulated everyone on the holiday and made riddles.

Children, security guards, and employees of the prefecture became interested in the guest.

Raisa Bogacheva, the head of the marketing and PR department of the «Neurobotics» company spoke about the appearance, the choice of the name and plans of Betsy, as well as how humanoid robots can be useful in everyday life.

You call Betsy a beauty robot. Our subscribers in social networks are interested whether this definition suits her, taking into account her appearance.

When developing the appearance, we looked at various world models. Her appearance is a collective image. By her face type, she looks like Elena Letuchaya, Gigi Hadid, even Melania Trump from certain angles ... Beauty is a relative concept. She has an Anglo-Saxon character.

Betsy was created in a short time. The head turned out to be a little large. It was a prototype. We are finalizing it and will soon show a robot with altered proportions. It will become more feminine. Voting for the choice of appearance has ended. Majority decided that the new Betsy should be fair-skinned, with blond hair and blue eyes.

In the framework of cooperation with Chelyabinsk stylists, special outfits will be developed for Betsy in the next half-year. Perhaps even a whole collection. Probably Betsy will take part in fashion shows.

– Why did you call it Betsy?

– Betsy is a generation B robot. Betsy is a variant of the name Lisa, and that is the name of the eldest daughter of the general director of our company Vladimir Konyshev.

– How can humanoid robots help people in everyday life?

– They can be applied in any «person-person» sphere. It can help doctors meet the need for certain patients to communicate and collect an anamnesis, teachers – in teaching not only the technical, but also the humanities, as well as learning foreign languages.

Androids can also be useful to speech therapists, because it is unpleasant for a person to repeat the same thing many times. The robot does not experience emotions and can repeat the desired word hundreds of times. We already sell our projection robots in the clinics of Academician Lyadov for conducting speech therapy gymnastics.

Neurobotics Group of Companies thanks Zelenograd Prefecture for the opportunity to help Betsy find even more fans.