Prefect Anatoly Smirnov visited ISBC's new facility

Prefect Anatoly Smirnov visited ISBC's new facility

Zelenograd is known as a platform for high-tech enterprises. One of them is the ISBC group of companies.

This company produces contactless smart cards, RFID tickets and payment banking key rings for all regions of Russia and 35 countries of the world, occupying leading positions in the industry. Recently, the company launched a new production, which was visited on September 13 by the prefect of Zelenograd Anatoly Smirnov and deputy prefect Andrei Novozhilov.

The tour of the workshops and the territory of the enterprise was accompanied by ISBC top managers – General Director Ivan Demidov and Managing Director Nikita Kozhemyakin. Anatoly Smirnov with interest got acquainted with the results of the modernization of a complex of buildings that previously belonged to the ELPA plant.

In less than 2 years, a high-tech enterprise with an area of ​​more than 2.8 thousand square meters, designed for electronic products, has grown on the site of obsolete workshops. ISBC production is equipped with the most modern equipment, a clean zone, protection against static electricity and air purification systems.

Environmentally friendly industrial site located in Zelenograd on Zavodskaya Street has already provided jobs for more than 100 Zelenograd residents. The company plans to continue recruiting employees.

During a visit to the enterprise, Anatoly Smirnov drew attention to an important feature – the average age of employees does not exceed 30 years. The fact is that ISBC attracts Zelenograd youth, creating comfortable working conditions for the team. An important argument in favor of working at this enterprise is the level of salary – it exceeds the average for the district.

ISBC top managers presented to the prefect of Zelenograd a project to equip the territory and buildings of the enterprise with a total area of ​​more than 5 thousand square meters on a land plot of 1 ha. All green spaces, including half-century trees, which will become part of the park, are preserved. The absence of harmful emissions ensures absolute environmental friendliness and complete safety of the new enterprise for residents of Zelenograd.

– We have won leading positions in the Russian market and continue to grow. ISBC provides more than 250 Zelenograd residents with jobs and plans to double the number of staff. Continuing the traditions of the Russian Silicon Valley, our team is developing new IT products that are in demand around the world, – said Ivan Demidov, CEO of ISBC.

Prefect of Zelenograd Anatoly Smirnov was pleasantly impressed by what he saw. He wished ISBC management and staff further growth and development of the company.