The security of Zelenopark mall has a cyber colleague

The security of Zelenopark mall has a cyber colleague

The security robot Tral Patrol 5, developed by engineers of the Zelenograd SMP Robotics company, began patrolling the territory of the Zelenopark shopping and entertainment center. Most of them are graduates of the local university called MIET.

The cyber security guard is equipped with panoramic cameras with a viewing angle of 360 degrees, allowing you to identify a person at a distance of up to 30 meters. Thanks to the thermal imager it is able to do this not only during the day, but also at night. Tral Patrol 5 can watch the territory in 24-by-7 mode, and when necessary, it will stand at the charging station on its own.

– The cyber security officer is equipped with a video analytics system that evaluates what is happening around, analyzes people's faces, compares them with a database and reports suspected violations to the operator at the security post – Alexey Kazakov, development director of SMP Robotics explained. – The robot does not need to be controlled, it moves automatically. The operator’s task is to respond to messages sent by a cyber colleague.

– Isn’t it easier to just place ordinary video cameras on the territory of the mall?

– For stationary cameras, for all the breadth of their review, there are still «dead zones». And it’s difficult to hide from a mobile robot, because it is constantly changing its position, – said Alexey Kazakov. – Creating an infrastructure for standard video surveillance is not cheap: you need to stretch the power cord, communications, set up everyting. Tral Patrol 5 is less expensive and more practical solution, he said.

Zelenograd robot is engaged in the protection of objects in 15 countries.