Zelenograd Held International Conference

Zelenograd Held International Conference

"Integrated design of microsystems with Mentor Graphics CAD systems" conference organized by the Institute of Nano- and Microsystem Engineering (NMST) and Mentor Graphics company, was held in MIET within the framework of the Center for Scientific and Technical Information "Sensorika" activities. The conference was attended by representatives of the university and partner companies: "Mentor Graphics", "Siemens PLM" and "Megratec". The main speakers were Mentor Graphics team members from Russia, France and Germany. Over 160 participants from 46 companies and enterprises attended the conference in two days.

The first day of the conference was devoted to the design of information systems (IC) and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). Integrated photonics elements and MEMS were presented.

Design of cased microsystems and PCB microsystems was the second day issue.

The conference also raised issues of cooperation between the NMST Institute and enterprises participating in the conference in the research and educational fields.

The event resulted in agreements on continued cooperation in holding international conferences and the signing of a new partnership agreement between the NMST Institute and Mentor Graphics.