Zelenograd «Raccoon» will go to South Korea

Zelenograd «Raccoon» will go to South Korea

ELVIS company will supply the first self-developed batch of UAV tracking systems from Zelenograd to South Korea. It is already preparing for production. This was reported on the website of the company «ELMA group».

Recently, demonstration tests of this unique radar device called the «Raccoon» («ENOT») have passed. The most interesting thing is that the device itself has a miniature size. This is a small box containing an ultra-sensitive radar.

The radar system can detect any drone. The device emits electromagnetic energy. The reflected rays are analyzed by a device that provides accurate information about the location of the target within five seconds. Next is tracking the object in real time. Then a decision is made on further actions.

Today, the average price of one radar from Zelenograd residents does not exceed 10 million rubles (about $156 500). Moreover, there are no analogues to it on the Russian market (excluding military-industrial production). In any case, the developers themselves say so.

The radar station has all the characteristics of military counterparts.

A famous example of the use of drones for illegal purposes is the recent assassination attempt on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro using helicopters with explosives. Zelenograd «Raccoons» can prevent such cases.

Now the company «ELVIS» focuses on the civilian market. First of all, «Raccoons» are ordered for safety at such facilities as nuclear power plants, hydroelectric stations, bridges and overpasses, airports and train stations.