Childrenґs festival

Childrenґs festival

Traditional children’s festival Kid`s World under the motto “Paint your world green” took place in Tulsa (the USA) – Zelenograd sister city. The festival was organized by Tulsa Global Alliance (TGA) non-commercial fund. Some thousand children from all over the world took part in it. It was in the first time that children and teenagers from Krukovo social shelter (Zelenograd) were invited to join the festival.

TGA representatives were interested in the unique rehabilitation methods for children from problem families that were created in Zelenograd.

As social shelter director Irina Parvan told, the methods include parents’ and children’s simultaneous rehabilitation who can communicate under psychologists’ inspection. The system is oriented to maximum barricading a child who is already in a difficult situation from additional stresses.

GTA and Tulsa-Zelenograd association in particular has a long history of students’ and teachers’ interchanges among Tulsa educational institutions and ones from its seven twin cities. Zelenograd inhabitants know much about the Tulsa University and Booker T. Washington school partnership with our IIBE and school #1150.