The exchange programme

The exchange programme

According to the agreement MIET managerial economics and justice faculty (institute) students who studied management Bachelor’s programme for 3 years or Master’s programme for a year can continue their education in Calabria University. In Italy Russian students will engaged to the third (the last) course of Bachelor’s programme or the second one of Master’s programme respectively (Company Economics course, economics faculty). In a year, after diploma defense the student receives two state diplomas – one of Calabria University and the other one of MIET.

The students who will take part in the exchange programme must complete Italian language courses as well as undertake an internship in MIET or in Italy.

The agreement will come into operation at the next scholastic year beginning. A year study costs will be about 4,500 Euro (including accommodation).

See the details on the web-site of Calabria University

MIET has already signed a similar agreement with INSE International Network of Studies and Education (Germany, Berlin). For those who plan to continue their education abroad INSE opened its language courses and offered internship programmes in Berlin. INSE web-site is

Negotiations about signing similar agreements with the leading German institutes are in progress.