"Mobile district"


From 2007 “Mobile district” project was launched in Zelenograd. As part of the project the special version of this site for smartphones and palmtops was created at http://pda.zelao.ru/.

Those who want to receive daily news of Zelenograd prefecture as well as Citizens service centre and business organizations news to their mobile phones can subscribe to SMS news.

There is also the opportunity to find out by SMS the traffic situation at Leningradskoe highway on routes Zelenograd-Moscow and Moscow-Zelenograd.

Services planed to realize at 2007-2008:

* SMS services of Citizens and legal persons service centre in “single window” system:
- Receiving information about document being ready
- Receiving information about financial personal account state (the balance of housing and utilities payments)
- Receiving information about housing and utilities payments credited
- Receiving information about exemptions sum
- Receiving information about subsidies sum
- Receiving notification about arrearages of housing and utilities payments occurring
- Receiving information about changes of financial personal account state parameters
- Receiving reference information (working hours, documents issued, order of their receiving, housing and utilities tariffs etc.)
- Opportunity of sending suggestions about the Center’s activity
- Receiving answer for a short question about the Center’s activity through different information channels

* SMS services for housing maintenance and utilities and provision of urban amenities
- Addressing the united dispatcher service concerning housing maintenance and utilities and provision of urban amenities activities
- Sendind SMS notifications about hot and cold water and central heating switching/outage, storm warnings
* Receiving SMS information about processing status of addresses to Zelenograd prefecture

* School SMS services for parents and students