International Seminar

International Seminar

The e-development Thematic Group of The World Bank was organizing a Global Dialogue on Role of Public Private Partnerships in e-Government projects on June 25, 2008.

Using case studies, the speakers have drew out key lessons from PPPs in e-Government, discussing the challenges faced, solutions developed, as well as general recommendations for designing and implementing successful PPPs.
Experience of Zelenograd Administrative District of Moscow was presented by A.Korobova, CIO, prefecture Zelenograd AD of Moscow. It was  introduced to the international auditoria the organization structure of E-Zelenograd  and such IT-projects on PPP-principals as corporate and global networks access, system of Zelenograd portals, Mobile Zelenograd project, Automated control and payment system, Navigation system, Network “Utkonos” - shopping mall on 200 sq.m.
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