Development of public Wi-Fi points in Zelenograd

Development of public Wi-Fi points in Zelenograd

The development of Internet technologies develops promptly in Zelenograd. Today, the city is equipped with more than 70 wireless access Wi-Fi points.

Four of them (modules) are situated in the parks of Zelenograd:
- near music school No. 53 in the 3rd district;
- near health clinic No. 201 in the 9th district;
- near Dunking lake joined to the 12th district;
- on the Playground in the Park near the house No. 914.

These access points are located in 2013-2014. Module’s power  is supplied by solar panels. Devices allow you to tie into  a net at a distance of 150 meters at a speed of at least 5 Mbit/s. The Modules are made of corrosion-resistant materials - stainless steel and able to withstand a temperature range from -40 to +50oC. The module design is made with a glance to prevent vandal actions.

All devices contain the local information content: a greeting and an invitation to visit natural areas Zelenograd, basic information about important natural territories and places of recreation on natural areas of the town.

Free Wi-Fi points are available in each center of public services «My documents» since December 2015. In Zelenograd such multifunctional centers there are in 4 of the 5 districts.  th opening of another multifunctional center is planned in district Silino in  October 2015.

According to the Department of transport of Moscow buses of routes №№400, 400K, 400T, that go between Zelenograd and subway stations «Rechnoy Vokzal» («Riverside Station»), «Mitino» and «Tushinskaya», will be firstly equipped with Wi-Fi points. Also bus stations are also planned to equip with Wi-Fi points free.