The winners of the district "The Web-Olympic games-2015" has awarded in the Prefecture of Zelenograd

The winners of the district

In the Prefecture of Zelenograd has awarded the winners of the district competition "The Web-Olympic games-2015", which involved web sites, personal pages on social media and blogs dedicated to Zelenograd. The competition was attended by 200 Zelenograd`s web-resources. The contest also presented the nomination for Zelenograd business owners "Corporate websites". First Deputy prefect of Zelenograd Alexei Mikhalchenkov presented awards to the winners.

In the nomination "Debut" won the company "Extreme" (, 2nd place went to the website of the organization "Success Experts" (

The winner in the category Apps4Zelenograd became the mobile app "My Zelenograd" (, 2nd place was awarded to the application Bus Zel (

In the category "Blogs" won the public page in social network VK GreenTown [Style] (

In the nomination "Mass media" 2nd and 3rd places were taken Infoportal ( and Zelenograd news ( The expert jury has decided the 1st place no award.

In the category "Websites about Zelenograd" won informational resource TOPZEL (

In the nomination "Corporate sites" 3rd place was shared by the online-service "Planado" ( and the website of "Milandr" (, 2nd place was taken billing system Hydra ( The winner is the company website of  "Mikron" (

In the nomination "Science and education" 1st and 2nd places were taken by the website "To Scientist of MIET" ( and the official web-portal of MIET (

In the nomination "Culture and art" 3rd place is awarded to the choir boys choir of the "Eaglets" (www.хор-орлята.рф), 2nd place to the website of the painter Leonid Milovanov ( The winner is the website of Zelenograd historical Museum (

In the category "Medicine and health" 1st place was shared by the website of the City hospital No.3 ( and the website of the company "Nikor-Med" (

In the category "Travel and recreation" the 2nd place was taken by the website of the equestrian club "" (, and the winner was the online booking system of hotels "NIKS" (

In the category "Sports" the winner was the website of Zelenograd Ice hockey Federation and 2nd and 3rd places were taken by the Cycling community of Zelenograd, ( and website karate in Zelenograd (

In the category "Websites housing" the 2nd and the 3rd places were taken by SBI "Zhilishchnik of Matushkino district" ( and SBI "Zhilishchnik of Staroe Kryukovo" ( 1st place expert jury decided not to award.

In the nomination "Public organization" the winner was the Association of graduates of MIET (

In the category "Websites of schools and classes" won press center for young people "The Behemoth" (

In the category "Personal pages" won the page municipal Deputy district Silino Alexei Gorbachev in the social network Facebook, the 2nd place was taken by the website of photographer Elena Shushugina (

The audience award was awarded to the website sports school No.112 "SPUTNIK"

The publishing house "41" ( expressed particular appreciation for the comprehensive information support of the contest.

Congratulations to the winners!