Dog-video blogger from Zelenograd has gained more than 36 thousand subscribers on YouTube

Dog-video blogger from Zelenograd has gained more than 36 thousand subscribers on YouTube

Tyson is a good-natured but very charismatic Boxer breed dog. It loves to appear in the video of his beloved owner, Zelenograd resident Dmitry Tsvetkov.

Tyson's life passes under the constant supervision of the video lens of his beloved "dad" (as the owner of the dog calls himself): playing with his dog friends for walks, relaxing on the couch, absorbing all kinds of delicacies - nothing escapes the camera, and therefore, from the eyes of numerous subscribers of the popular Zelenograd dog: 2.5 thousand on Instagram @boxertaison and more than 36 thousand on the YouTube channel "German Boxer".


"I've just always loved filming". Blog history

Dmitry connects the idea of ​​creating a personal blog for a dog with his hobby:

- Having worked for many years in television, I began to get involved in photography and video shooting. With the advent of Tyson, I began to film our life with him: games, walks - everything. It has become an integral part of everyday life. So much material has accumulated that I began to master social networks and upload everything there. The Internet community liked the content, and gradually the number of subscribers grew. Tyson is now a local internet star. Sometimes people come up on the street and say that they know and watch us. Some call Tyson the most popular dog in Zelenograd. It is an incredible and enjoyable feeling. We also often receive touching letters and packages from fans. And not only from Russia, but from all over the world. This is very sweet and we always thank the subscribers in our videos. It's nice to receive gifts and feedback. In general, the viewers of our channel are very sympathetic - when Tyson was hit by a car a year and a half ago and a lot of money was required for an operation and treatment, I turned to them with a request for help. Our numerous subscribers helped us in that difficult period both financially and morally, for which I do not get tired of thanking them!


"Love has been accumulating in me since childhood". Tyson's appearance story

- Like many, as a child I dreamed of a dog, but my parents were against it. Therefore, when he began to live independently, he immediately got a dog. I chose a Boxer breed, because I have always liked their exterior and flexible character. So our life with Tyson began. All the love for dogs that has been accumulating in me since childhood, I gave him. He feels it better than a person and understands me perfectly, so our relationship has been in complete harmony for the past nine years - that is how much Tyson is now. There is no greater happiness for a dog than having a loving person. And no one can teach a person to love sincerely and truly better than a dog.