Slovenian children on a friendship mission in Moscow

Slovenian children on a friendship mission in Moscow

In Moscow, a friendly evening gathering was held between the Slovenian children delegation and Zelenograd children.

For the first time, a group of best students from Ljubljana and Ilirska Bistrica, accompanied by Russian teachers and school principals and supported by the Russian Embassy in Slovenia., visited the capital at the invitation of the Blagovest People’s Aid Center.

This is the first visit of Slovenian children to Russia. Yet Zelenograd groups of children (including those with parents) have been traveling for 15 years to rest and recover in Slovenia.

For 25 years Blagovest Center has sent Russian children to the best health resorts of the country and abroad, including Slovenia. And now the return visit of Slovenian boys and girls occured. The first trip of children from Slovenia to Russia was timed to coincide with the anniversary of Blagovest (October 23th).

Such trips will continue, and children from Slovenia, the best in learning Russian, knowing the history and culture of our country, will be among the participants.