Zelenograd Rugby players received greetings from England

Zelenograd Rugby players received greetings from England

The founders of the popular sport out of school "Rugby" of the eponymous town in England, sent greetings Rugby Federation Zelenograd according to the action of "Global Pass, 2017".

Souvenir ball in this action travels to sports clubs all over the world. The request was previously sent to the English graduate of Rugby school and friend of Zelenograd Rugby team Mstislav that he gave the souvenir ball-message to the head "Rugby" Peter Greene. And recently the answer came from England.

Peter green appreciated the gift from Zelenograd and put the ball in the Museum school. The ball of "Global Pass, 2017" from the English colleagues also placed in the Museum of Zelenograd Rugby Federation.

Talks are scheduled between the English and Zelenograd athletes about the mutual participation in various Rugby activities. Rugby Federation of Zelenograd admitted that they hope to start another international Rugby friendship.